Invest in Crypto Currency.

When you invest in crypto currency be prepared for a wild ride. Not only because it is a virtual wild west but because there are no limits to your potential returns. We seek to make our money work for us, therefore we invest it in the most profitable assets. In addition to earning a return we want to be profitable but responsible as well. On this page we will go over some of the ideas behind investing in Crypto. Firstly we will explore what crypto is. Then we will embark on finding the right platforms to use. Finally we will decide on which crypto suits our needs. We always like to repeat however, to do your own research. Always gather as much information as possible is importantly the best idea yet. Above all, at the end of the day, have fun and watch the markets evolve.

What is Crypto Currency?

There are many different types of crypto also there are different platforms and networks. In the same way we use cash today we also use crypto. When the first smart phones appeared so too did the idea of smart contracts. Likewise the power of the computers in our hands was beyond those sitting on our desktops. Next came the advent of a global network. Then came a time where AI silently enhanced our intelligence. Afterward the bond between people and their digital tools became inseparable. Many people today cannot imagine a life before smart phones and Artificial Intelligence. Currently we rely on computing power for everything and it is merely a matter of time before all our money goes digital. Meanwhile there is an opportunity for savvy investors to cash in on the tech of the future. Imagine if you could have invested in the start of the .com era? Also think about how much that would be worth now?

The Future for Crypto Currency.

Even as the world goes through cycles of boom and bust one constant always remains: scarcity. Centralized institutions can easily print more money, indeed they already do. The currency they create is based on the trust that in the final analysis they will still be there. However what happens when that financial institution ceases to exist, what happens to your wealth? The most valuable assets were precious metals, however now more and more people rely on cryptography to prevent counterfeit. Above all everyone agrees that crypto is a far superior financial system. Everyone also agrees that the age of paper money is going away. Most importantly we all agree that most transactions in the future will take place digitally. In the same way that you pay for goods and services today so too will you do so in the future. The only difference however will be the lack of physical paper exchanged.

Steps to successful crypto investing.

Firstly and above all we must take security seriously. At the same time we want to close Zooko’s triangle. Then we want to focus on only crypto currencies that are decentralized. There may however, be other crypto that are useful but not from an investment perspective. Secondly we want a system that is secure and encrypted. When looking at crypto above all it must be human meaningful. There is no sense in investing in something you do not understand. Once the three corners of the triangle have been completed we have found our investment. After that we are now ready to put together our investment vehicle. How are we going to hold it? How will we store it long term? These are all questions that need to be answered. Before we invest in crypto we will need one most important tool: a hardware wallet.

Which Crypto is the best?

With thousands upon thousands of Crypto currency to choose from it is difficult to know which ones are best. From an investment standpoint we likewise want to choose the best return for the least amount of risk. When you are in doubt always refer to Zooko’s triangle for your best investment advice. Then ask yourself which is the oldest crypto currency? Which ones have stood up to the test of time? The oldest crypto is Bitcoin after that comes Namecoin. Always choose a crypto that is firstly decentralized, secondly secure and finally human meaningful and you won’t go wrong. Most importantly we always will remind you to beware when you Invest in Crypto Currency. Irrational exuberance can cost you time and money. The old adage of measure twice and cut once still applies today as much as it ever did.

After that: the next steps for crypto investing.

Currently it is hard to know who to trust in the crypto-sphere. There are a number of different crypto each vying and jockeying for position. We had the same questions hence the site was born. Further more we decided to share this information with the world so they could avoid costly mistakes. There have always been winners and losers in the game of investing. By using our vetted links you can at least ensure a level playing field. Meanwhile take time to do your research or contact us for some sound advice. To conclude, we recommend cryptocurrency as an investment however we urge you to be cautious. Be patient and hold your assets for the long term and you will be rewarded. Likewise if you have tips or recommendations to share with the community feel free. At the end of the day you should feel secure in your investment.