BYTCIO Token Airdrop Information and how to participate.

Welcome to the BYTCIO Token Airdrop which is an easy way for you to participate in the market without risk. Existing clients can receive their free tokens in any Ethereum ETH wallet that supports erc-20 token transactions for the BYTCIO Token Airdrop to be successful.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • You will need an ETH Wallet where you can Receive ETH based erc-20 Tokens.
  • You will need to have a small amount of ETH for “Gas” to move the t
  • You will need an ETH Wallet Address to send the BYTCIO to
  • You will want to open either an exchange or trading account in order to Buy/Sell your ETH coins.
  • For extra security we recommend you purchase a hardware wallet.
  • Backed by Swiss Financial System.
  • Currently used in 5 different Countries.
  • Private coin: Not yet available to the public.
  • 2,000,000 Available for Airdrop.
  • Pre-ICO sale scheduled.
  • Fully traded worldwide.
  • Only 21,000,000 will ever be in existence.

An airdrop occurs when a new crypto currency is created. In order for the coin or in this case the BYTCIO Token to gain traction and some steam the creators will “Airdrop” them into peoples wallets for free with the hope that they will start using them and trading them. Even if you hold onto the tokens and wait to see how the markets play out it still benefits the creators because it means the coins are in circulation.

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Now you can participate in the BYTCIO Token Airdrop by simply providing an ETH (Ethereum address.)

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BYTCIO Airdrop

Participate in our global BYTCIO erc-20 Token Airdrop. Receive free erc-20 tokens airdropped weekly.

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin across multiple markets using our proprietary algorithms to keep the difference.

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New Alt Crypto Currency markets are opening all the time. But which ones are worth your time?

“In Cryptography we trust.” Satoshi Nakamoto

Crypto currency is now in it’s first decade and to many they feel as if the crypto boom is over, however nothing could be further from the truth. However most people have difficulty figuring out how to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Online. In market trading the old adage of “Cut your losses and let your profits run” still applies more than ever today. Every expert agrees that now is just the beginning of a new era where computing power will take over electricity as a necessary and fundamental resource without which, we as a human race, will not be able to survive.

Everyone wants to invest and Buy and Sell Bitcoin Online but at this point in time, when crypto is still in it’s infancy, it is still difficult to enter the currency markets. Buying and selling Crypto currencies is not as easy as it seems. Exchanges can be difficult and time consuming. Bitcoin ATM’s are far and wide and the whole process can be maddening. For example: How can you store your digital assets safely to prevent them from loss or theft?

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Firm Partners

Jillian Scotia

Jillian Scotia, Esq. is the managing partner of BYTCIO Cryptography, established in 1983. Jillian has been accredited by the multiple blockchain boards. As a leading specialist in the firm, Jillian uses her experience and personal relationships to get results for all BYTCIO’s clients. She is a talented and hard working coin concierge who never stops trying to bring another win for her clients.

Andrew moore

Andrew holds a Certified Blockchain Cryptography degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a Blockchain consultant in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile ICO’s, both as a concierge as well as a client. He has represented over 100 Crypto Currencies and consulted with thousands of clients arranging their Bitcoin and Crypto Currency needs.


Robert Jordan

Robert might look like a sweet old man, but when he puts on the famous thinking cap, he becomes a cunning lion. You really want a guy like Robert on your team. Finding flaws in code and loose ends is what has made Robert famous in the New York district and beyond as one of the shrewdest, most highly skilled hackers in the business. Don’t miss his price predictions he is never wrong.