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It is the hottest crypto currency on the market currently. The Celsius Network CEL Token brings ease and security to firstly, buying crypto currency. After that you will find it easy to earn interest on your holdings and crypto assets. At the same time you can also borrow against your assets at the lowest rates on the market. After seeing Celsius zooming up the charts we decided to take a closer look. We found an impressive DEFI APP and secure FINTECH. Then came the decision to register for the platform therefore giving us access to the trading system. In addition to being easy to understand we also found it to be profitable. In the next paragraphs we will explain why. Welcome to Bytcion where we provide you with our vetted list of trusted investments

It is not only the hottest crypto currency on the market currently but also one of the newest. Using the Celsius network you can choose to earn interest on your digital assets. Why do digital assets earn so much interest you may ask? It comes down to the simple law of supply and demand. You need Bitcoin or another currency to enter the market hence making the analog to digital transition. Firstly select the crypto currency you would like to purchase. Secondly look at the interest rates that are offered currently. Thirdly lock in your price and make the transition usually with a credit card or bank transfer. Now you are ready to earn interest or borrow. Use our menu to search for anything crypto related from mining to exchanges.

Cel Tokens are your medium of exchange because you need a bridge between your assets. The Celsius Network CEL Token can be used to earn passive interest if you choose correctly. Imagine a scenario where you can borrow at one percent interest firstly. After that you can convert to crypto earning six percent secondly. Thirdly you can keep the spread between to two assets. When you borrow at one price and sell at another it is called arbitrage, so too you can think of the Celsius network in the same way. Imagine another scenario in addition to the previous one. You borrow one crypto currency at four percent and you sell it for a ten percent markup. You would keep the “float” and importantly there would be very little to no risk to you. We always recommend you secure your coins with a hardware wallet. There are many wallets but our favorite is Trezor.

Future price predictions for CEL tokens.

We actively watch the markets above all to spot the hottest new cryptos. When we see a lending platform we also see an opportunity in the same way. We see CEL Tokens going up in value and so too should you. When looking at investments importantly you must first cut your losses. After that however you should always let your profits run. Crypto currencies also come and go which is why when you are looking for an investment look to Zooko’s triangle. You want your crypto to be primarily decentralized. Likewise you need it to be secure. Afterward you must make sure that it is meaningful in human and not robot terms. You will find all sorts of different players in the crypto sphere. From Casinos to advertising crypto currency is reaching mass adoption. Check out our friends at SwissBorg for another way to earn interest as well.

The Celsius Network CEL Token brings ease and security to compound interest. Download the CEL APP firstly and most importantly. Then register your account. Afterward read the tutorials and follow the instructions. Before you invest you must do your own research and homework. Click on the button below to learn more about CEL. To conclude that we all agree that age of DEFI FINTECH is upon us would be an understatement. Meanwhile don’t be the one left playing catch up. Get in now while prices are still low and watch how the markets evolve over the next few years. Did you know you can also secure crypto on other exchanges and transfer them to each other as well?