SwissBorg: Crypto Investment Management APP welcomes you to our SwissBorg information and APP download page.

Discover Swiss Crypto Investment Management.

SwissBorg: Crypto Investment Management welcomes you to our information page. Switzerland is at forefront of Crypto because of their experience managing wealth. Swissborg is an APP that creates wealth therefore allowing your crypto to grow. In addition to Swiss wealth management you can also convert to Tokens seamlessly. Swissborg allows you to get the best price across multiple exchanges but not only that. Firstly Swissborg is a Smart Engine that uses AI and machine learning. Secondly Swissborg is secure and uses strong encryption. In addition to that Swissborg never has any hidden fees. Welcome to Bytcion, your index of crypto from mining to hardware and the exchanges in between.

Wealth App

Better and smarter decisions before you invest above all. Also with our hourly asset analysis, never miss an opportunity. Machine learning trend predictions, so too on each crypto asset offered.

CHSB Token

SwissBorg community members can invest in SwissBorg currently. Our CHSB token means you have opportunities like never before. Purchase CHSB tokens, next become a community member.

Community App

In the same way you can buy why not forecast? Also each successful forecast will earn you points. Likewise the more points you earn, the higher your rank.

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Click here to download the Swissborg APP. After that install it and create your free account. Meanwhile think about what you would like to invest in.

Swissborg is an easy in addition to accessible option for trading crypto. The engineers have designed a smart engine to make crypto easier above all. The Wealth App likewise will help us make smarter decisions in the crypto sphere. Look at BAT Rewards as well as an easy way to earn crypto.

SwissBorg, above all, is an idea. It is their belief firstly, that merging the world of finance and technology is the path most importantly. SwissBorg’s vision is a wealth management ecosystem that is therefore accessible to all. SwissBorg is the next generation of investment platforms secondly. Further more they aim to become an ecosystem for the community. Likewise however the contributors to the ecosystem are considered next to none. To exchange other tokens on the erc-20 platform try here.

Swissborg works mostly because of Smart Engine technology. Therefore you connect to multiple exchanges and get the best price execution. The Smart Engine, in the same way goes through hundreds of trading pairs. After that you arrive at a brand new  route for each trade. Only AI-powered market analysis can perform these transactions currently. Get your Trezor hardware wallet to secure your funds here.

The Smart Engine simplifies and optimizes trading in addition to working the  crypto assets on multiple exchanges. Therefore within a fraction of a second you can find the best trade. Hence it does this from one single institutional grade platform. After that the Smart Engine removes  all the limitations of pair-trading. Then by creating synthetic routes it gives anyone the opportunity to buy their favorite token with no limitations. To conclude, by aggregating multiple order books the Smart Engine allows you access to the most liquidity than any single exchange. You can purchase Bitcoin with a credit card at Changelly here.